subscription ran out

Tue Jul 28 2015, 15:37 by juliecg

hi all thanks for the add
does anybody know how I could update my starview 7 box as my …

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Mon Jul 13 2015, 05:27 by guffie999

just a few words thanking the people [ & mods ] on this forum for accepting my application to …

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sly f5 boxes

Sun Apr 26 2015, 22:06 by renault786

hello everyone new to all this, anyone know about slyf5 box

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New Blade 7000s

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New Blade 7000s

Post by superno04 on Mon May 13 2013, 22:19

Hi all hope you can help. Ive been looking on hear and im unable to download the new firmwere onto my computer for the blade any ideas. Im thinking of getting one of these boxes but i dont want to buy one if i carnt get it up and running the way i want it to. I used to have the old starveiw boxes on my cable till they changed it so i could not get any pictures. This was a year or so back. hany help would be wonderfull. You all help me in the past with my starveiws just need help on this. Many thanks


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Re: New Blade 7000s

Post by ZULUCOL58 on Fri May 31 2013, 07:49

You can get off ebay with up to date firmware already installed
About 150


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Re: New Blade 7000s

Post by jonpc on Fri May 31 2013, 10:16

The blade is a sat box so a dish would be required and a sub (subscription)

Once box is bought I'm sure there will be plenty of help on here to install or update firmware if needed, best look at HiTeck's sticky. Blade Media 7000S STB Up To Date Guide.


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Re: New Blade 7000s

Post by gray1313 on Fri May 31 2013, 14:23

go to bottom of page right hand side downloads that takes you to 4 share and that's were the firm ware is to download


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Re: New Blade 7000s

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