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hi all thanks for the add
does anybody know how I could update my starview 7 box as my …

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sly f5 boxes

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hello everyone new to all this, anyone know about slyf5 box

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How to set your Motorized dish up

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How to set your Motorized dish up

Post by saxon210 on Tue Jan 22 2013, 20:11

Setting up a motorised diseque motor

Line of site.
In order to view all satellites while tracking the arc in 180degrees it is wise to check your preferred piont of aligning the dish for line of site this is to say that your dish can travel from the most common satellites which in the uk are 42e to 30w un-hindered by trees housing and other obstructions and although no one can predict the weather away from as much wind as possible.
Choosing the site.
The site for a motorised dish should ideally be on a south facing wall (reasons for this I will deal with later) your stand should be anchored into the wall with as strong bolts as possible and your stand itself should be made from very strong welded steel not the flimsy easily available stands reason is the weather (my stand cost a small fortune but has been in operation 22 years).
Polar mount or pole mount.
The pole that your dish fits onto to is called this and needs to be dead straight check this with a spirit level think on this is what your dish uses in rotation so the straighter the better.
Check your angles via searching the internet for your azimuth these are set via the scale at the back of the dish before it is erected look on various sites and you can find your angles on them sometimes you can buy your dish pre-set but its best still to double check.
After putting your dish up and securely bolting both dish and motor to mount (double check even treble check it is secure) slightly only very slightly slacken your angles bracket not enough for it to move though on its own –screw your lnb cable from your box to motor and from your motor your loop to your lnb.
Setting up and tracking the arc.
Now if all is well the next part although it may sound hard is actually the easiest your reference satellite is thor 0.8 degrees west this is what confuses people it is actually 0.8degrees west of dead south so with a compass placed on the arm of the dish work out dead south then to the nearest 1 degree west of that that is thor at this point get someone to check for a picture on the tv from one of the channels on thor now assuming your receiving thor but say a signal of 57% when 85% is usually more desirable the angles bracket that is slightly loose just nudge it until it peaks in signal if it goes down again nudge it the other way gently of course when you are at a peak lock it up.
DO the same for your furthest west satellite which is 30w and then your furthest east 42e now when youve peaked at those 3 satellites (you can of course use a meter but ive wrote this assuming you dont have one and remember if using a compass 30w is 30degrees west of south and 42e is 42degrees east of dead south. You can lock everything up and come down the ladders you can now set your usuals now although once youve set your longtitude and latitude normally thats it and you drive to xyz satellite what I found and techniserve confirmed this with me my longtitude for where I live is 1.20 but on a techomate motor this picks up very little so on discussion with techniserve and a little play I pick up everything with a longtitude of 2.888
latitude does not alter it is 54.500 so once ive played and found the correct setting that is it it should trac the arc and get every single sat with good signal –hope this helps

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