subscription ran out

Tue Jul 28 2015, 15:37 by juliecg

hi all thanks for the add
does anybody know how I could update my starview 7 box as my …

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Mon Jul 13 2015, 05:27 by guffie999

just a few words thanking the people [ & mods ]  on this forum for accepting my application to …

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sly f5 boxes

Sun Apr 26 2015, 22:06 by renault786

hello everyone new to all this, anyone know about slyf5 box

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KV a750 help please

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KV a750 help please

Post by Payal1614 on Sun Dec 16 2012, 08:49

Hi everyone, I have a kv a750 and it's stopped working. It started 2 months ago I was having major problems as VM were upgrading the area, so I disconnected the KV a750 box and the i-connector and justed used VM box. It appears they changed the net id from 00012 to 00013. VM have now completed there work and changed the net id back to 00012. I gave it about 2 weeks then tried the KV a750 box with i-connector again. Now I only can get channels 1-5. Any ideas on how to get the cable channels back???

I have tried to rescan - the cable channels are scrambled .
I tried to do a s/w update - It downloads but does not install so internet connection is fine
Powered the i-connector on and off - No difference
Powered the KV a750 box on and off - No difference
Tried scanning using coaxial input with no splitters - Still only channels 1-5 - Signal strength improves slightly

My firmware is dated 05/12

I looked in download Section there's nothing for KV a750

Any Ideas to how to get this working? Thanks in Advance


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Re: KV a750 help please

Post by jonpc on Sun Dec 16 2012, 10:02

From what you say it is the NetID and nothin else.

Presume your area to be NTL from what I have read recenty best to try a other NetID close to you and a different provider TW perhaps.

Others have tried their VM sub box for the correct NetID but VM may have got wise to this. Settings__Tech Stuff__No1


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