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hi all thanks for the add
does anybody know how I could update my starview 7 box as my …

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sly f5 boxes

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hello everyone new to all this, anyone know about slyf5 box

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FAQ Blade 7000 & Combo

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FAQ Blade 7000 & Combo

Post by jonpc on Sat Jun 09 2012, 18:11


Here you will find answers to the most popular questions:

How do I play MKV & Xvid files ?Press the F1 Key or the
PLAY key on the remote control. This will bring up the list of all the
playable files on your storage device. Then simply select the file by
highlighing it and pressing OK to start the video.
I get no picture when i switch on box ?The box may be on HDMI 1080p
setting and your TV can not handle that setting. Your TV may also show
an "out of range" message onscreen. You can cycle thru the different
settings by pressing the V Format button located near the bottom of your
remote control. Each time you press the button the display resolution
will change to the next one, eg. 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, etc.
What is the Default PIN No ?The default pin is 0000. If
this does not work then it has been changed by the owner. If you cannot
remember it then you will need to perform a factory reset, which will
return the box to the state you purchased it in, ie: it will delete all
channels and user settings, etc. Please see "How do I reset the box back
to factory settings" below.
How do I reset the box back to factory settings?To reset the box to its
factory default state do the following: With the box turned off hold the
MENU button down on the front panel. Power the box up while still
holding the menu button down. You will now see the Engineer Boot Menu.
Select Option 4 to perform a factory reset on the box. PLEASE NOTE: This
will erase all user settings on the box and return it to its factory
How do I view channels in 3D ?To view a 3D channel in 3D You will need a 3D ready TV and 3D Glasses. Simply go to the channel normally and you will see 3D.
How many channels can the BM7000 Series hold ?The BM7000 Series has the memory capacity to hold at least 10,000 channels, to satisfy the most demanding customers.
What format does the USB have to be and why do I sometimes get freezing on playback or recording ?The USB must be formatted in
FAT32. There is a guide and software in the instructions section below
that explains in more detail how to format your storage device properly
for optimum performance, including how to format very large drives.
Please note: You will need a fast USB device to get good performance
from PVR and media file playback and record, especially HD channels. If
the USB device is too slow you will get picture freezing and unstable
box operation. USB Hard Drives are recommended over USB Flash drives
because Flash Drives normally are not fast enough.
How do I move through Favorite groups quickly?To change through Favorite
groups quickly you can press the << or >> buttons ( RWD or
FF ) on the remote control. Alternatively you can press the GROUP button
and select a Favorite group from the list.
How do I load a channel list that I have downloaded from the internet ?Save the channel list file
(.cndf) to a memory stick and plug it into the box. Go to MENU >
UTILITIES > DOWNLOAD. Now select your channel list and press OK. The
box will ask you to save it to either Normal (recommended) or Default.
Select Normal. ( The channel list stored in Normal area will be erased
when a Factory Reset is performed. The channel list stored in Default
area will not ).
How do I download channel files direct from Blade Media?Go to MENU > SYSTEM
SETTINGS > BLADE ONLINE and you will see a list of many different
satellites and channel files. Simply select the one you want and press
OK to download it. When asked, select NORMAL.
How do I load new firmware that I have downloaded from the internet ?Warning: Make sure you only flash the box with official software. Other software may damage the box.

Save the firmware file (.stb) to a memory stick and
plug it into the box. Go to MENU > UTILITIES > DOWNLOAD. Now
select your firmware file and press OK. The box will flash
How do I flash the box thru COM (RS232) Port ?Get the program STB Tool
from this site. Connect box to PC and follow instructions on STB Tool
program. With this program you can also flash the channel data files.
This program is Windows only.
How do I edit and organise my channel lists on my PC ?Get the program NDFEdit from this site. This program is Windows only.
How do I enter Engineer Boot menu ?With box turned off, hold
down MENU button on front panel and turn box on. You will enter the
Engineer Boot Menu. From here you can select a file to flash, auto-flash
and factory reset.
How do I get the radio player to work ?Simply press the TV/Radio
button near the top left of the remote control and you can select a
radio channel. If you are in Favorites mode rather than just listing All
Channels simply press the GROUP key to select the All Satellites Group.
You can now select from the list of radio channels just as though you
were selecting a TV channel. To go back to TV press the TV/Radio button.
When I set a recording it is starting too late or finishing too early, missing the start or end of my programme.You can set the "lead in"
and "lead out" times in the Time Settings menu. Press MENU > SYSTEM
SETTINGS > TIMER LEAD TIME (No. 11). Simply set your desired times
and the recording will start early and end later according to your
How do I record up to two channels while watching a third?To perform
multi-record, it is recommended that you use a fast USB storage device
eg. USB2.0 Hard Drive. USB flash sticks may not give good performance,
will be slow interacting, may make the box unstable or may not work at
all, but you can try it.

To multi-record, press OK to show Channel List.....
Press REC button on remote to start recording.... go to another channel
on the same transponder.... press REC again (you may get "Record Full"
message if USB is busy or slow, just try it again after a few
seconds).... You now have two channels recording and you can now select a
third channel on the same transponder to watch.
Do you have plans to add 7 Day EPG?Yes! We proudly announced its release on April 11th 2011. It is available with the latest software.
Can I stream movies from my PC or my friend's PC to my Blade?Absolutely, yes!

You are able to connect to either a local IP address
and play from your PC or an IP address across the internet... ie: across
the internet means you can share your video library with your friend in
another town or even country; they can browse your files and play them
right across the internet. It works with the same file formats as
playing from the USB... ie: Xvid, MKV, MPG1, MPG2, TS, flv, etc., etc.
Please note: you will both need good internet speeds to do this. Please
download the Blade Stream software from this website.
Is the Blade BM7000 Series Multicrypt or Conax?The BM7000 Series is fully Multicrypt, meaning that almost all smart cards are compatible.
Is the BM7000 Series NTSC compatible?Yes, the BM7000 Series is fully NTSC compatible. Select NTSC mode in MENU > AV OUTPUT SETTINGS > TV TYPE.
Can you pause and rewind Live TV?Yes, you can pause and
rewind Live TV. Ensure you have a fast USB storage device such as USB
Hard Drive or fast USB stick attached. Go to MENU > UTILS > DISK
MANAGER > AUTO TIMESHIFT and turn it to ON.The box will now
constantly record, allowing you to rewind Live TV. Here, you can also
change other Timeshift settings such as Timeshift Record Time.
How can I check to see if my USB Storage Device is fast enought?Go to MENU > DISK MANAGER
and select TESTING USB SPEED with your USB device plugged in. It will
test the speed and give you the result.
On the BM Combo, how do I scan Tuner 2?To scan Tuner 2 on the BM
"Satellite" option press OK to bring up the full list of satellites.
Here you will find Tuner 2 in the list at the end. Select it and press
EXIT. Now you will see the options for your tuner. Enter your desired
options (if any) and press RED to scan.
I put the latest software on that sets the audio levels to High by default but mine haven't changed?Make sure you have reloaded
your channel file for it to take effect. The easiest way is to simply
back your channels up (MENU > UTILITIES > DOWNLOAD > RED
button 'Save NDF'), then load them back in (MENU > DOWNLOAD >
select your recently saved channel file). You will now see that all the
audio levels are set to HIGH.
When I play one of my own video files the picture is stretched. How do I make it fit the screen properly?Make sure you are using the
latest software (March 2012 or above), and while playing the video press
the WIDE button on your remote to change the aspect ratio.
How do I set up my own Videoshare?Please download our
Videoshare Instruction Manual below for full instructions. Please also
note that it is beta software but we are working hard.


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