subscription ran out

Tue Jul 28 2015, 15:37 by juliecg

hi all thanks for the add
does anybody know how I could update my starview 7 box as my …

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Mon Jul 13 2015, 05:27 by guffie999

just a few words thanking the people [ & mods ]  on this forum for accepting my application to …

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sly f5 boxes

Sun Apr 26 2015, 22:06 by renault786

hello everyone new to all this, anyone know about slyf5 box

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SV combo SAT set-up

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SV combo SAT set-up

Post by furny66 on Thu Dec 02 2010, 23:42

Does anyone have any advise on setting up the SAT side with a SV combo? I have the perfect cable side using the LAN but the sat is doing my head in. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks.


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Re: SV combo SAT set-up

Post by adiraian on Fri Dec 03 2010, 12:15


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Re: SV combo SAT set-up

Post by rayfox62 on Sat Jan 29 2011, 21:57

Any one help me set up ccam for satallite?
Cable side working fine, and just upgraded to Carling+_F531_1207.UAD from Carling+_0712.UAD. But I have never managed to get satallite ccam working? I did try loading GrooveRider_HD_Combo_+_1214.uad but it fails at 20% could it be that a newer version of grooverider is already fitted and stopping satallite ccam working as all I have ever got is "disconnected" on the info on the satallite side?
Please all and any help welcome!


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Re: SV combo SAT set-up

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